CIMS Kiosk

CIMS Kiosk, the newest of the CIMS cemetery software programs, uses the latest in touch-screen technology to guide your visitors through your cemetery, thus making your cemetery staff available for other tasks.

The Making of CIMS Kiosk
Cemeterians who've installed CIMS have greatly benefited from the increased efficiency with recordkeeping and the ability to assist their customers in finding gravesites more quickly. Though CIMS has quickened the search process, cemeterians wanted to make this valuable data available to their customers through a kiosk. After hearing about this need from current CIMS clients, CIMS Kiosk was developed to give customers the freedom to search for burials based on owner or the person who was interred, even when cemetery staff is not available.

The Technology Behind CIMS Kiosk
CIMS Kiosk uses the mapping technology of CIMS with the touch-screen technology of kiosks to provide search capabilities right at the cemetery. Ramaker & Associates can load CIMS Kiosk on your existing touch-screen kiosk, or you can buy a turnkey solution which includes a kiosk and software in one package. CIMS Kiosk is updated from your CIMS software so the information on the kiosk is current.

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