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CIMS Light Cloud Cemetery Software

Begin computerizing your cemetery records with the powerful yet budget-friendly CIMS Light Cloud.

CIMS Light Cloud

CIMS Light Cloud is another new product from Ramaker & Associates. This software you to access and edit your cemetery data live on the internet. CIMS Light Cloud is the same powerful, easy to access software as CIMS Cloud, but without the computerized and "Smart Maps". It can be accessed using a PC, laptop, tablet, and even newer smartphones.

With this program, you can start the process of computerizing your cemetery records, knowing that your data is safe, easily accessible, and always available. It is designed to be an inexpensive tool to begin computerizing your cemetery records without incurring the expense of mapping. Should you ever want to add computerized maps in the future, going from CIMS Light Cloud to CIMS Cloud is a breeze!

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