CIMS Software Support Options


Representatives Available
Monday through Friday
8:00am - 4:00pm CST
Call: 1-800-332-7532

We will respond to every call within 24 hours. On weekends and holidays, calls will be returned on the next business day.

Online Product Support
All customers have around the clock access to our online resources. To submit product support questions by email, just send the following information to

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Ramaker & Associates, the developer of the CIMS software line of products, is totally committed to quality support with timely response. We understand that the key to success is supplying our cemetery customers with the support necessary to make full use of their CIMS cemetery software and maximize data management efficiency. With this in mind, we've recently enhanced our Technical Support options, which are outlined below.

We do love CIMS and even though you are so far away from us, we never have to wait for attention.
— Linda from Florida

Free Product Support and Upgrades
Complimentary telephone and email (see Online Product Support to the left) support is available for 120 days following every CIMS and CIMS Light purchase. In addition, all product upgrades released during that time will be delivered free of charge. Our goal is to be the leader of the cemetery software industry when it comes to quality products and customer satisfaction.

Annual Product Support (Maintenance Program)
After receiving complimentary 120 day support, all our clients can purchase unlimited annual support by becoming a member of our Maintenance Program. This includes telephone and email (see Online Product Support below) support as well as access to our online resources. A CIMS product specialist will work one on one with you, using every possible means, to generate a solution to your problem.

Support for Custom Applications
Please keep in mind that custom cemetery software applications require custom support options. These can be determined on an individual basis and dependent upon the extent of the software customization.