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The team behind CIMS cemetery management software

In 1998, CIMS (Cemetery Information Management System) was born out of a commitment to the dedicated cemetery representatives who keep their cemeteries running. Over the past two and a half decades, the Ramaker team has worked closely with more than 1,000 municipal, religious, and private cemeteries to create software and modules that simplify record-keeping and streamline everyday tasks.

Today, Ramaker provides approachable cemetery management solutions designed to meet the challenges modern cemeteries face. As a full-service architecture and engineering firm, Ramaker has the capabilities and reach to serve cemeteries across the nation.

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Simplifying management for cemeteries across the country

Over 1,000 cemeteries have chosen CIMS as their cemetery management solution. Want to see if cemeteries in your area use CIMS? View our nationwide cemetery partners below.

Meet the CIMS team

Brandon Finley

Director of CIMS

Rebecca Morris

Project Manager

Nathan Cavanagh

Web Software Developer

Sarah Dailey

Web Software Developer

Sarah Wilding

GIS Analyst

Tim Annear

GIS Analyst

Kim Galston

Mapping Specialist

Doug Gunderman

Mapping Specialist

Debra Gotthart

CIMS Assistant

Caitlyn Joy

Customer Success Specialist

Curtis Paul

Technology Manager

Sarah Liedtke

Marketing Coordinator

An Esri partner

In 1997, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (Esri)—the leader in GIS software development—officially recognized Ramaker as an authorized business partner. ESRI selects business partners on the basis of demonstrating a high level of expertise and experience using industry standard software developed by the organization. Our GIS Team utilizes the latest, cutting-edge software for developing information management and mapping tools. These tools assist with a variety of data processing and decision-making tasks.


Authorized Consultant
& Developer

Client Testimonials

  • "WE LOVE this software! The mapping is great, the queries are great, the color-coding is great, it’s all GREAT! The system is very easy to use, and so far, very happy with it."

    Melissa Wyoming
  • "This software is easy to use, and the mapping component is wonderful."

    Amy Ohio
  • "Everyone that I’ve worked with here has been great and very helpful. I’m delighted that I chose Ramaker to work with."

    Jim Virginia
  • "It is a pleasure working with you and Ramaker. I show off my software to everyone who comes through the door!"

    Petra Idaho
  • "I like that the software is very user friendly. I would recommend this software to anyone."

    Donna Florida
  • "The cloud software makes all the difference. The program is so user friendly and easy to navigate."

    Kim Ohio

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