CIMS Light

Manage cemetery records anytime, from anywhere

CIMS Light allows you to access and edit your cemetery data live on the internet. CIMS Light is the same powerful, easy to access software as CIMS Gold and CIMS Platinum but without the computerized “Smart Maps,” making it more budget-friendly. It can be accessed using a PC, laptop, tablet, and even newer smartphones.

With this program, you can start the process of computerizing your cemetery records, knowing that your data is safe, easily accessible, and always available. It is designed to be an inexpensive tool to begin computerizing your cemetery records without incurring the expense of mapping. Should you ever want to add computerized maps in the future, going from CIMS Light to CIMS Gold or CIMS Platinum is a breeze!

Key benefits of using CIMS Light

Begin computerizing your cemetery records with the powerful, yet budget-friendly, CIMS Light. Available anywhere you have internet access.



Access anytime, anywhere.  No updates needed.



Available on any device, including smart phones.



Our software allows multiple users to enter information at the same time.

CIMS Light Demo


Request Pricing

Answer a few simple questions about your cemetery on our Proposal Request Form, and we’ll provide you with a free cost proposal, which includes project scope, schedule, a firm cost, and terms and conditions of the cemetery software.

Client Testimonials

  • "WE LOVE this software! The mapping is great, the queries are great, the color-coding is great, it’s all GREAT! The system is very easy to use, and so far, very happy with it."

    Melissa Wyoming
  • "This software is easy to use, and the mapping component is wonderful."

    Amy Ohio
  • "Everyone that I’ve worked with here has been great and very helpful. I’m delighted that I chose Ramaker to work with."

    Jim Virginia
  • "It is a pleasure working with you and Ramaker. I show off my software to everyone who comes through the door!"

    Petra Idaho
  • "I like that the software is very user friendly. I would recommend this software to anyone."

    Donna Florida
  • "The cloud software makes all the difference. The program is so user friendly and easy to navigate."

    Kim Ohio

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