Data Migration


Seamlessly integrate your records with data migration

Are you keeping track of your cemetery’s data with a combination of maps, logbooks, and spreadsheets?

CIMS helps cemeteries move existing records, whether in analog or digital formats, into their new CIMS database. From data conversion to record entry and maintenance, the CIMS team provides a variety of data migration services to get cemeteries up and running with CIMS cemetery software.

Whether you’re moving your paper records to the cloud or transitioning from a different cemetery management platform, we can help you optimize and upload your data into your new CIMS website. Our team has migrated cemetery records from Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Works, CSV, DBF, and FileMaker Pro files, as well as DOS databases, Microsoft SQL Server, and other cemetery management solutions.

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CIMS provides more than digital cemetery maps and streamlined record-keeping. Get more information about the full suite of CIMS features, including data migration, by filling out the form below.

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