WE LOVE this software! The mapping is great, the queries are great, the color-coding is great, it’s all GREAT! The system is very easy to use, and so far, very happy with it.
— Melissa from Wyoming
I like that the software is very user friendly. I would recommend this software to anyone.
— Donna from Florida
The cloud software makes all the difference. The program is so user friendly and easy to navigate.
— Kim from Ohio
CIMS has been an incredible tool helping us to organize our records to a level of accuracy we’ve never had in over 100 years of operation. Your customer service is second to none. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have CIMS help us maintain the sanctity of our records.
— Dave from Massachusetts
Grave stones in a cemetery
The customer service is amazing and I am never without an answer to a question for more than 24 hours. I really enjoy working with the people at RAMAKER. They are quick to respond to issues and questions as well as provide updates that make the system better.
— Jerrie from Washington
The number one reason for choosing CIMS was that the application met all of our business requirements. In addition, the pricing was fair, the people were great to work with, and the could-based solution allowed for collaboration among team members during implementation.
— Mark from New York
Gravestones in a cemetery in the sunlight

Gravestones in a cemetery in the sunlight

I like the RAMAKER team and the support they give you and the continual updates to improve the software. The software is easy to maintain and use and it has made our cemetery much more efficient.
— Jim from Virginia
Customer service is always readily available should there be an issue,which is very infrequent and usually caused by user error. I would recommend the CIMS software to all publicly and privately-owned cemeteries.
— Jacki from Florida
Map is Easy to read and maneuver. Easy for customers to preform their own search.
— Sonja from Minnesota
CIMS is both detailed and responsive. The detail allows me to research and easily find a number of burial attributes ranging from burials and ownership to family details, markers, and customer details.
— Troy from Washington
Cemetery in the fall with the leaves changing colors

Cemetery in the fall with the leaves changing colors

It is a pleasure working with you and RAMAKER. I show off my software to everyone who comes through the door!
— Petra from Idaho
The support team is very responsive and knowledgeable.
— Mary Ann from Florida
Gravestone with a bench next to it
I could not have been more pleased with anyone in your organization than I have been. Your attention to detail and willingness to assist us with such a wide variety of questions and issues has been nothing short of amazing.
— Shannon from North Carolina
This software is easy to use, and the mapping component is wonderful.
— Amy from Ohio
Everyone that I’ve worked with here has been great and very helpful. I’m delighted that I chose RAMAKER to work with.
— Jim from Virginia
Stone entrance to a cemetery
I appreciate all your patience with us and how quickly you respond to me when I have questions. We do love CIMS and even though you are so far away from us, we never have to wait for attention.
— Linda from Florida