CIMS Cloud

CIMS Cloud is the newest cemetery management product from RAMAKER. It is a “web based” application that links your cemetery data to our computerized "GIS Smart Maps". With this program, managing your cemetery and updating your records is as simple as browsing the internet. It can be accessed using a PC, laptop, tablet, and even newer smart phones.

With CIMS Cloud, you never need to install software or worry about cumbersome updates. As long as you can access the internet, you can access CIMS Cloud.

If you need to have multiple people entering your cemetery records, CIMS Cloud is the answer. If you need to have access to your cemetery records or maps from your tablet while out in the cemetery grounds, CIMS Cloud is the answer. If you are fed up with the headaches of dealing with reinstalling your software every time you get a new computer, CIMS Cloud is the answer.

CIMS Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

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Free Proposal
Answer a few simple questions about your cemetery on our Proposal Request Form, and we'll provide you with a free cost proposal, which includes project scope, schedule, a firm cost, and terms and conditions of the cemetery software. Fill out our proposal request form in a PDF version to mail or fax to us or fill out your request online.

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