CIMS QuickBooks® Module

The QuickBooks® Module allows you to enter sales and customer information into CIMS, and have it automatically transferred to QuickBooks® Accounting Software, eliminating any double entry. In other words, it allows QuickBooks® and CIMS to communicate. With QuickBooks® you can track payments, perform online banking, and manage many different financial accounts.

Once you sell the space in CIMS or CIMS Light, click on the "Create QB Invoice" and it will take you to the "Create A QuickBooks® Invoice" window. This window displays the customer who owns the space chosen and a list of all the spaces they own. From here you can select which space or spaces an invoice will be created for, if it is taxable, and the terms of sales.

Once your information is entered into QuickBooks®, you can go into the software and look at the invoices that have yet to be printed, review outstanding accounts, and much more. QuickBooks® is the best selling accounting software in the world. Once the information is in QuickBooks®, it is very easy to track the cemetery's income and expenses, write checks, track customer payments, do payroll and banking, and even generate financial reports.

The QuickBooks® Module requires QuickBooks® Pro 2007 software or a newer version. Licenses can be purchased at your local office supply store or through RAMAKER if desired.

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