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RAMAKER, the creator of CIMS software, has been providing innovative engineering solutions since 1991. In addition to civil and environmental engineering, we have an extensive background in GIS (Geographic Information Systems). This includes mapping and customizing software solutions for clients, including cemeteries, private businesses, school districts and municipalities. Our development team utilizes the latest software to create data management and mapping applications to meet the specific needs of our clients.

The RAMAKER crew has been my absolute salvation. Thanks for bringing sanity to my job.
— Viciki from Mississippi
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In 1997, Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) -- the leader in GIS software development -- officially recognized RAMAKER as an authorized business partner. ESRI selects business partners on the basis of demonstrating a high level of expertise and experience using industry standard software developed by the organization. Our GIS Team utilizes the latest, cutting-edge software for developing information management and mapping tools. These tools assist with a variety of data processing and decision-making tasks.

Meet Your Key CIMS Team Members

Brandon Finley  Director of CIMS

Brandon Finley
Director of CIMS

Curtis Paul  Technology Manager

Curtis Paul
Technology Manager

Rebecca Morris  Project Coordinator

Rebecca Morris
Project Coordinator

Nathan Cavanagh  CIMS Programmer

Nathan Cavanagh
CIMS Programmer

Pam Alwin  CIMS Assistant

Pam Alwin
CIMS Assistant

Kim Galston  Mapping Technician

Kim Galston
Mapping Technician

Debra Gotthart  CIMS Assistant

Debra Gotthart
CIMS Assistant

Tim Annear  GIS Analyst

Tim Annear
GIS Analyst

The Company Behind CIMS - RAMAKER

The Company Behind CIMS - RAMAKER