What CIMS Clients are saying

Great Software


Great Service

The new update is fantastic. The added features, as well as, the redesigned data entry pages really make a nice addition. If you ever need a recommendation in New York or surrounding area please keep me in mind. I have no problem making a presentation for you.
— William from New York
CIMS has been an incredible tool helping us to organize our records to a level of accuracy we’ve never had in over 100 years of operation. Your customer service is second to none. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have CIMS help us maintain the sanctity of our records.
— Dave from Massachusetts
Just wanted to let you know that I received the CIMS software last Friday, and it’s now installed and running. It’s easy to see already what a great tool it’s going to be for our management of the cemetery…it’s very intuitive to use and the user guide is very clear and informative...I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve used the words ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’ as I’ve begun to play with the software…and as a 50-something who loves new toys, it’s like Christmas in October!
— Tony from Kansas
CIMS is great!! It has actually been fun to operate this software. The personnel that I have dealt with always present themselves in a professional image. They really listen when I explain the issues that I have with CIMS. I truly appreciate all the assistance that has been given to me.
— Samuel from Tennessee
WE LOVE this software!
The mapping is great, the queries are great, the color-coding is great, it’s all GREAT! I started using CIMS a few days after it was installed, adding the burials that had accumulated since the last update we sent to Ramaker. I was able to pull obits from our local paper and added as much info as I had time to (birth/death/marriage dates, maiden name, military exp). The system is very easy to use, and so far, very happy with it.
— Melissa from Wyoming
Everyone that I’ve worked with here has been great and very helpful. I’m delighted that I chose Ramaker & Associates to work with.
— Jim from Virginia
I appreciate all your patience with us and how quickly you respond to me when I have questions. We do love CIMS and even though you are so far away from us, we never have to wait for attention.
— Linda from Florida
I could not have been more pleased with anyone in your organization than I have been, your attention to detail and willingness to assist us with such a wide variety of questions and issues has been nothing short of amazing. I have asked Steve to contact you and to complete the Referral Form. Thanks again.
— Shannon from North Carolina
Thank you. You are really FAST and GOOD. Tell your boss! It is a pleasure working with you and Ramaker. I show off my software to everyone who comes through the door!
— Petra from Idaho
Thank you so much! You saved my life and my job! You are awesome and were able to get this information back so quickly! You are one of my new heroes! Thank you again!
— Erin from Louisiana
I really do like the ease of the program. I had a “problem” with the program a few weeks ago and emailed Curtis. He responded with a phone call in such speed (less than 30 seconds) I was amazed...I told him that he’s faster than the fire department. Another feature of the good service.
— Wilfred from Massachusetts
You are the WIZARD—it worked! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! You saved our IT Department lots of precious time.
— Mary from Illinois