Are Storms Causing Drainage Issues at Your Cemetery?

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Across much of the country, there has been no shortage of strong storms. The high amounts of rain has caused drainage issues for many of our clients. Ramaker has the expertise to provide services necessary related to your cemetery’s existing drainage concerns. We perform topographic surveying services to determine existing conditions, as well as roadway design, storm drainage grading and piping design, stormwater detention facility design, irrigation piping design, and cemetery plot layouts.

An interesting project of note includes Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Wisconsin. The cemetery’s management group was ready to expand the next section of their burial plots but realized rainwater was pooling in a large portion of the land area. They contacted Ramaker for an existing conditions topographic survey and grading improvement design. The topographic survey revealed why the low spot was causing these flooding issues, and allowed our designers to generate construction plans for the cemetery to fix the problem with their in-house maintenance staff. In addition, Ramaker worked with the management team to design the burial plot layout for the expansion and performed the monument staking to layout the burial plots at the site.

One other unique project, also in Wisconsin, was our work with Graceland Cemetery. They owned approximately 30-acres of wooded area north of their existing cemetery and were ready for an expansion but did not know how much they could develop or how many additional burial plots they would generate through expansion. Working as part of a design team, Ramaker performed the storm drainage and grading design, permitting coordination and construction staking services for the expansion of the area, resulting in over 12,000 additional burial plots, improved drainage for the cemetery, and future construction of a mausoleum.

Please visit our website if you’d like more information on how Ramaker can help fix your cemetery’s drainage problems! If you have any questions, anyone on the CIMS team can point you in the right direction, or call our office at (608) 643-4100. We’d be happy to talk to you if your cemetery has any questions or needs!

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