How CIMS Helps Large Cemeteries Protect Records and Map Spaces

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Case Study: Union Cemetery

Making the shift from paper cemetery records to digital ones can seem harrowing—especially for cemeteries as large as Union Cemetery in Maplewood, Minnesota. But preserving important historical data for future generations and sharing that information with the local community make the investment of time and resources worthwhile.

After taking small steps toward modernizing their record-keeping practices, Union Cemetery’s staff decided that they needed more than scanned documents and spreadsheets to manage their cemetery efficiently. They needed to connect centuries of data to a digital map of their cemetery grounds. Upon having this realization, the staff contacted CIMS.

Read our latest case study to learn how the CIMS team helped Union Cemetery build a robust map that linked all ownership, interment, and marker information to the corresponding grave spaces and provided real-time insights into available, reserved, and sold spaces.

Click here to download the case study.


GIS mapping for large cemeteries

Every cemetery is distinct, but many large cemeteries with long histories face a common challenge. They have more space to manage and map. With 60 acres of picturesque grounds and over 26,000 burials, Union Cemetery needed an experienced GIS mapping partner to create an accurate smart map of their grounds. As a full-service architecture and engineering firm with extensive GIS software and land surveying capabilities, Ramaker was able to develop a digital map using aerial imagery of the cemetery as well as their physical maps.

Our case study details how Ramaker migrated all of Union Cemetery’s burial information into CIMS. You can read the full article here.


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