7 Reasons to Move Your Cemetery Software from Desktop to the Cloud

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The best cemetery software options offer cloud-based software like CIMS to manage their cemetery. But what does that mean and how can moving to the cloud really help you manage your cemetery? Let’s look at the Top 7 Reasons why now is the time to move from desktop software to the cloud.

Here we discuss the benefits of switching from on-premise to the cloud to move your business ahead of the curve – not fall behind it. But before we jump into the top reasons, let’s take a step back to explain the core concepts in more detail.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is basically storing and accessing your data and applications over the Internet instead of your local computer’s hard drive. With an online connection, cloud computing can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

What is a Cloud-Based Software?

A cloud-hosted software platform uses a web browser or app to access data and software safely stored on remote servers that are always accessible and have redundant backups.

How does it work?

Our cemetery software is accessible via our cloud link and allows you full access to our web-based software. This means your software is always up-to-date and users are able to work no matter where they are. The experience feels as if you were on your local machine, but it’s even faster, more secure, and more reliable than your local PCs.


  1. Cost Savings: A Cloud-based software provides you with updated versions on a scalable platform while minimizing requirements for physical data storage.
  2. Security: Perhaps the weakest link in the initial days of cloud adoption was security concerns. But today, more people have begun to realize these concerns are misguided. Cloud-based software actually provides higher levels of security and data integrity. Why? Because they make huge investments in the resources and technology, along with a skilled team of software experts and engineers smaller businesses just can’t afford to do on their own.
  3. Connectivity & Accessibility: Keep users connected no matter where they work with anytime, anywhere access. Users may access files anytime, anywhere, using any device. That means no more risk of files being stored on any computer.
  4. Reduced Risk of Data Loss: Even more security for users by backing-up data offsite – decreasing the potential for hackers, viruses, ransomware, and other cybersecurity problems. Let’s repeat that again, more security.
  5. Faster Deployment: Cloud-based services can be deployed quickly and doesn’t have the same hardware requirements for a local computer.
  6. Increased Collaboration: Cloud software enables cemetery employees situated in various locations to collaborate easily. By providing simultaneous syncing, working and sharing documents and records in real time, cloud computing helps increase the collaboration and efficiency of employees.
  7. Improved Efficiency: After migrating your software to the cloud, you no longer need to worry about power requirements, space considerations, expensive computer hardware, or software updates.


Contact our team at CIMS to see if our solution might be the right for you.


Our background in engineering and GIS enabled our technology services team develop a software solution specific to cemeteries. Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped over 1,000 cemeteries in 49 states computerize their records and build GIS mapping systems using our software, CIMS. As part of Ramaker, we have a deep background in helping municipalities, school districts, and private businesses implement GIS for community development, utility layouts, and emergency management planning.

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