CIMS Cloud New Features

One of the great things about cloud software is our ability to release new features frequently, since doesn't require any updating by our users. When we decide to release new items for CIMS Cloud or CIMS Light cloud, we take care of all the hard work, so updates are automatically available the next time the user logs in. Since updates to the cloud are so user-friendly, we have released quite a few new features and enhancements over the past year that have only been available to those users who use CIMS Cloud or CIMS Light Cloud.

Below are some of those new features:

GPS walking directions have been added into CIMS Cloud

Since we take pride in mapping cemeteries as accurately as possible, we are able to provide GPS walking directions to any grave in your cemetery. To use this functionality, search for a burial or space with within CIMS Cloud. When the space information opens on the right side, click the GPS button and let CIMS Cloud provide you with a direction and a distance. This feature is designed to be used on a tablet or smartphone that has GPS capabilities. This functionality is also available in our eCIMS software (, and allows the general public to locate a loved one quickly and efficiently within your cemetery.

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