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Currently, Ramaker has 46 Cloud Clients using our eCIMS Service. eCIMS is an online service that allows the public to look up information about burials and owners in their cemeteries.

In the 30 day period from June 1, 2018 to June 30, 2018, our eCIMS sites had 4,073 Visitors. The most popular cemetery had 563 visitors to their eCIMS site during this time period.

Cemeteries that use eCIMS can save a significant amount of employee time by delegating the lookup of genealogical information to this user-friendly website.

Another interesting statistic is that 48.3% of eCIMS visitors use using the site with a mobile device (either a smartphone or a tablet).

This means that it is quite likely that they are standing in your cemetery when they look this information up.

Below is an example of what the public could see when searching for a burial on an eCIMS site.

You can check out all of Ramaker’s Cloud eCIMS sites by going to Implementing eCIMS is easy, and reasonably priced. If you would like a proposal for eCIMS, just let us know!

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