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As you may already know, much of Ramaker’s focus over the past three years has been on our newest software product for the cemetery industry, CIMS Cloud. We’ve been working diligently to move our desktop clients to the Cloud, and over the past few months, we reached some significant milestones. Today, we have 313 cemeteries live on CIMS Cloud, and a total of 1,012 cemeteries using our software. The majority of our new clients are choosing to use CIMS Cloud due to its ease of use, reliability, and convenience in addition to the time it saves them.

Ramaker released a major update to CIMS Cloud the week of January 7th. Our clients were all migrated to this version that evening, and had the new version when they logged in in the morning.

Below are just a couple of the new features included in the newest version of CIMS Cloud:

  • Redesigned Space Updating Window: To make it easier to clearly select which graves will be updated, we have redesigned the Space update window to show & remove information as needed. The new window is more logically laid out. (CIMS Cloud & CIMS Light Cloud)

  • Support for High Resolution Aerial Photos: Harnessing the power of our new tile creation infrastructure, CIMS Cloud can now handle high resolution Aerial photos, like the ones created by drones.

  • Dynamic Map Loading (CIMS Cloud): Again, with the power of our new infrastructure, we are pleased to announce that we no longer need to refresh your entire map after you make a change to your cemetery layers settings. Whenever your map tiles are being loaded, you will see a small window at the bottom center of your screen that says “Updating Map Tiles.”

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