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One of the more unique services we offer is a statewide burial record database to maintain centralized records for cemeteries. The Cemetery Oversight Act of 2010 required the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to develop and maintain cemetery records and burial information across Illinois.

Cemetery Records for States

Following a series of events involving reselling of occupied burial plots, the State of Illinois sought to better regulate the cemetery industry. The state legislature acted quickly to implement a cemetery registration and burial record database to track burials and better assure loved ones will be treated with the same dignity and respect in death as they are entitled to be treated in life. Historically, the state did not have a centralized burial database and was unable to provide verification for plot records. It is important to note that while the state encourages all cemeteries to utilize the database, not all cemeteries are required by law to participate including, “family, religious, or inactive burial grounds”. However,

Databases for Cemeteries

CIMS, and our parent company Ramaker & Associates, created a software to register, process, and manage cemeteries and burials across Illinois. Our team developed and launched the Illinois Cemetery Oversight Database which includes a backend for cemetery registration and also website for easy burial registration and tracking. The oversight database is not designed as a public access burial search tool for ancestors or relatives. It is a software system that allows cemeteries to comply with the state’s Oversight Act.

For other US states interested in our cemetery and database system or to see a demo of an existing Cemetery Oversight Database, please inquire via our general contact form.

About CIMS

Our background in engineering and infrastructure design and developments enabled our technology services team develop a software solution specific to cemeteries. Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped over 1,000 cemeteries in 49 states computerize their records and build GIS maps using our software, CIMS. As part of Ramaker, we have a deep background in helping municipalities, school districts, and private businesses implement GIS for community development, utility layouts, and emergency management planning.

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